Don’t throw away your existing network and start again - we can advise how to adapt what you have to meet your needs with minimal extra capital expenditure.

Generally any network built within the last decade using middle market or premium components can be re configured to accommodate the normal new technology enablers such as:

We can make a general assessment of your infrastructure, establish its fundamental suitability for deployment of new services with nil or minimum initial capital expenditure and then advise on middle term and long term strategy for development and enhancement to include tech refresh and end of life planning.

CASE STUDY - an international environmental charity had contracted with a IAAS / SAAS provider to provide user software and server hosting in the Cloud and to include IP Telephony and Conferencing facilities from the Cloud.

The client network was a legacy Cisco network of reasonable specification, based on a legacy Cisco 4500 chassis at the core and standard Cisco access switching. They consulted Cisco who recommended that the whole infrastructure should be replaced since the components were end of sale and scheduled for end of life and they would not underwrite such a deployment on a legacy network. The capital expenditure was not budgeted and therefore not an option for the client in the current budgeting period.

Documentation of the network was high level and not very detailed.

We undertook a summary baseline review of the network and prepared a physical and logical schematic detailing necessary operational parameters.

We then planned and implemented reconfiguration of the network to present new IP Telephony subnets accessible to the remote services and configured an end to end Quality of Service configuration which ensured that all VoIP and other media frames were correctly marked and handled across the network. Access ports were PoE capable so were configured with appropriate PoE budget management and trunking for deployment of phones on existing data connections.

The VoIP deployments were completed successfully without any capital expenditure on the network infrastructure, supportable and documented suitable for good availability in the short to middle term to allow for strategic planning aligned to future office moves.

We also assisted with the reconfiguration of firewalls for policy and connectivity to facilitate migration from legacy to new Internet Service and WAN MPLS provider as part of the overall cloud project.

Tactical Upgrades, Tech Refresh and End of Life planning.

Maximise your existing Technology Capital Investment

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